Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’ve never owned a boat before, can you help me?

    Of course we can! Around 75% of our customers are new to boating, we can answer all your questions and volunteer information that you never new you needed to know in the first place.
  • If we buy a boat today, how quickly can we get on the water?

    It really depends on the size of boat you want! But yes if its in stock and ready to go you can be in the water the same day, again we’ll assist with insurance, tuition and all necessary equipment etc.
  • Do I need any licence of qualifications to drive your boats?

    Officially no! However we recommend that a Royal Yacht Association powerboat level 2 course is performed directly after boat handover, however if its the case of a small inflatable dinghy, then we will show you how to start the engine and if you want, we can take you for a spin around the creek for a simple guide to dinghy handling.
  • After I’ve bought a boat, what else will I need to purchase?

    If you’re boating in Salcombe you will need both harbour dues and insurance, both of which we can assist you with. You will also need safety kit which generally will include: life jackets, flares, anchor, rope, V.H.F radio, fenders etc. You may also like to include water skis, inflatable water-ski toys, fish finders, G.P.S plotters etc.
  • What size boat and engine do I need, or is best for me ?

    This is totally down to personal preference, however it is generally based on the size of your family or friends that you’ll be inviting to go on your boat, also the amount of experience you have boating, your budget, and what you want to use your boat for. The best thing to do is come and see us in the showroom, so we can have a good chat about all your requirements.
  • Where can I keep my boat / Who’s going to look after my boat when I’m not here?

    We’ve got lots of different options that you can go for, but it really depends on your situation. If you’re regularly boating in Salcombe then a permanent mooring would be the best option for you. With this type of boater, the boat will be removed from the water and put in to storage in late October, then re-launched to the mooring in Spring. For the occasional boater (perhaps a week at Easter, a week at Whitsun and three weeks in August), then permanent dry storage is the best option for you, and when you’re down on holiday we will have the boat launched and recovered to match your holiday/mooring dates. We also do generally keep an eye on our customers whilst you’re not here.
  • What happens if I have a problem?

    Regardless of the problem the first port of call is to the office, from where we can answer any queries or assist with any other matter.

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