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Ranieri Pro Series by Reddish Marine

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ranieri pro series by reddish marine

Ranieri pro series is a sports package now available with all Ranieri Sportsboats & RIBs. The basic concept is to further refine the performance of the boat and motor package by adding a sports performance progressive pitched stainless steel propeller, the higher rake angle allows the motor to be raised higher on the transom, thus creating better bow lift, top speed and efficiency.

The dash board offers colour coordinated sports speedometer, tachometer, trim gauge and fuel gauge, whilst at night time the decking is illuminated in red LED lighting to complement the red
bow and stern ropes.

The hull also gets a makeover with smart new sports decals, the decals, ropes and LED lighting can also be colour coordinated to suit the clients preferred choice.
Sportsboat & RIB packages available "NOW" with "Pro series" option.
Please inquire for more information.

A few images of the Pro Series by Reddish Marine

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